Focus Your MITE Vision: How to Register SMS Marketing Software for Life Time??

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Register SMS Marketing Software for Life Time??

First I will like to thank all those our clients who have purchased our free sms marketing software and appreciated us for this great service. We will do our best to bring more valuable things, ideas, products for our valuable visitors, clients, users in future.
Most of our clients asking us about downloading link of this software and the most important thing is how to register this software for lifetime. So we decided to make a new post to let our clients know about downloading this software and they will also be able to register their software for liftime and can enjoy it fully.
So first we let you know that we have provided links of downloading this SMS Marketing Software in the post free sms marketing software. But if anyone is still unable to find these links then you can download it from below by clicking download here...

Now lets learn how to register this software for lifetime. Keep in mind that every software has a unique serial number on each computer after installation. What you have to do is simple. After downloading, installing this software (downloading and installation is so simple that installation process will guide you step by step) run the downloaded setup file and see at the top menu of this software. You will find the help option. Just click on it and then click on about under help menu. Here you will find your software unique serial number. You just have to copy it and post it in below comments section. We will send you your software lifetime registration key which you can enter in by clicking on enter unlock key available in help option. Your software will be registered and you can use it for lifetime freely.
Below we are going to show you about installation process and the method to unlock the software code by image format which will make it easy for you to do everything fine.

Installation process in Image Format:-

Step one:
Click on Download HERE link and then after downloading run the downloaded setup installed on your computer as below.

Setup File

Step Two:
After clicking on setup file like above then you will see an installation window will open as below in image. You just have to click on Next button.

Setup Process

Step Three:
Now after clicking on Next button above you will see the window as below where you have to click on "I accept the agreement" then click again NEXT.

Step Four:
Now a new window will come before you as below, asking that in which drive of your computer you want to install your software. Now click again Next.

Step Five:
Now after completing the all above steps, Setup guide will ask you to select the folder for shortcut destination of your software installation as shown in image below. Again click next.

Final Step:
Now the setup guide will finally confirm from you to install the setup. You have to click on install button and your setup will start installing in seconds. After completing the instllation don't forget to click on finish button finally, now you will see your software shortcut icons on your computer desktop, in start menu will be shown in your computer. As you will click on finish your software will open automatically.


Congratulations you have completed your installation process successfully.

How to Register it for lifetime:
Now we came to the main point of this software. Here you have to see on the top left side of your software. You will see the options like File, View, Tool and then Help. You have to click on help then click on About under help menu. A new window will open. Here try to find your Software Serial #. Post this serial number in comments section below and we will send you your unlocking key code for your software after generating.  You can also see that your software is in unregistered mode.

How to Find Software Serial Number

After getting unlock key from us, you have to again click on help menu then click on unlock key option under help menu. Here you have to paste the provided unlock key codes from us and that's all. Your software is registered now. Enjoy it full time for lifetime.

How to Unlock Restrictions

Hope you will understand all the process easily. If found any problem then let us know through posting your valuable comments in below comments section. Also let us know about this product by posting comments below. We have already posted about How to Use Free SMS Marketing Software. You can learn usage steps of this software easily under this post. Thanks and make your life joyful >>>>>>>>>

I you want to purchase this software then make payment from below payment options and let us know about this that you have paid for this. Also don't forget to leave comment about this below.

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  1. Thank for link download,

    Serial # : H241D58C62

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  2. Thanks and congratulations, here is your unlock code for your software.


  3. Seems like a really useful software,
    and it is great you can register it for lifetime.

  4. Serial # : H2D5BEF997

    Unlock code please!

  5. Thanks for purchasing our software. Your unlock code for H2D5BEF997 is as follows:


    Enjoy and don't forget to leave comment here about this lifetime product.

  6. Unlock code please thx for this cool sw.

  7. If you required unlock code for lifetime membership then send us the serial number of your software. For more details read the post "How to Register SMS Marketing Software for Life Time??"

  8. H26A6BB834 serial# please unlock.thx.

  9. Thanks for purchasing our software. Your unlock code is as follows:


    Don't forget to vote/ rate to our software.


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    My Serial # : H4B3C6A102
    Unlock code please, thanks.

  11. Kindly let us know your mode of payment you have made. So that we can provide you the unlock code after verifications.


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    My Serial # : H4B3C6A102
    Unlock code please, thanks.
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    My Payment Mode is via VirtaPay, my VirtaPay Account is : luthfisurya


  13. Kindly let us know about your payment date and transaction Id. so that we can confirm it. We are unable to find your payment in our account.

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    My Serial # : H4B3C6A102
    My Payment Mode is VirtaPay, my VirtaPay acc is : luthfisurya

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    Unlock code please, thanks.

  15. Very nice for giving us the information.

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