Focus Your MITE Vision: How to Use Free SMS MARKETING SOFTWARE?

Saturday, December 18, 2010


If you want to learn free SMS Marketing Software, then follow these step by step instructions. If you have installed SMS Marketing Software, then Open it and a window like below will open before you. But if you didn’t installed SMS Marketing Software yet, then download it from here. Before starting anything, it is necessary to attach your phone with your computer. To attach a phone you will require PC Suite Software for your phone. This can be installed by searching on internet. Just type your phone model with pc suite as Nokia 2700 PC SUITE in any search engine and you will get a lot of websites regarding your required search. After installing PC Suite, run it and when your phone is detected by PC Suite, SMS Software will automatically detect your phone and a window like below will open. (This window shows about the detection of Nokia 2700).

If detection of your software not shown then make a click on update or update all. It will search for all the ports of your PC and will show the detection of your phone in anyone port.
Now get ready to use the software. In numbers tab, enter your desired number to whom you want to send SMS. In subject write your desired title regarding your product. Then type your message in message field. Type as much as you want to type. You have done. Now click on send to outbox.

Now click on outbox on left explorer tab and in outbox just click send. You have done! Your message is sent and you can check it in sent box.


In this software you can also add contacts as much you can. For this purpose click on contacts in left tab and click option new in top menu under contacts heading. Now all the fields of contacts in on and you can start adding contacts.


In groups tab you can make groups of your contacts added i.e. friends, relatives, colleagues etc. Just click on groups and click new to make groups. A new window will open. Here you can add group names and add numbers to the groups.

In scheduler you can set schedules for sending and receiving messages. After clicking it you have to click on new tab and a new window will open, where you can set your schedule with date specification.

The Responder is used to reply to the sender of an incoming SMS automatically. This is done based on pre-set keywords and reply messages. You may store the keywords either in a project file or in an external text file.

1.   Store the keywords in a project file:

By default, when you add keywords and reply messages from the user interface, they are stored in a project file. This means that they are saved together with the Inbox, Outbox and Sent Box. This allows you to have different set of keywords and reply messages with different project files.

2. Store the keywords in an external file:

To enable an external keywords file, specify the file location at Tool->Options->Responder. It is a text file, encoded in ANSI, UNICODE, UNICODE (Big Endian) or UTF8 with the BOM mark. There is no user interface within SMSCaster to edit the keywords stored in an external file. The simplest way to create one is by using Notepad. Another way is to prepare the data in Excel and “Save As” a CSV file.
It can be considered as an interface to control the Responder: by producing the keywords text file from another program, you can automate the Responder. The file will be checked periodically for any changes and will be reloaded when necessary.
External keywords file is available to all projects and considered as global. Keywords are case insensitive. If the same keyword appears both in the project file and in the external file, the one in the project file will be used.
For the file format, each line contains a keyword and reply message pair, for
Health, "Thank you for your inquiry..."
Win, "Please call 800-989-9877 for your chance to win"
*, "Sorry, we do not have the information you want"
The asterisk means matching anything and serves as the default reply message when no keyword is matched. It should be put at the last line of the file or it will override other keywords below it.
You may also put several keywords for the same reply message in one line,
for example:
Diet, Food, "Please call 800-989-9877 for info on food and diet"

3.   Enable and disable the Responder:

Click the "Enable" button on the toolbar of the Responder Page to enable the Responder. It does not work until the "Start" button is pressed. See “Persistent Connection” if you need continuous auto-respond.

4.   Send long and flash reply message:

You may reply in long SMS or flash SMS (but not both). Go to Tool->Options- >Responder for these settings.

5. Blacklist File:

A blacklist file contains blocked phone numbers which you do not want to reply to. It is recommended that you enter the phone number of your SIM card into the blacklist to avoid potential infinity reply-to loop. It is a plain text file with each phone number on a new line.

6. Log File:

This is to log successfully replied phone numbers to a file for reference.

7. Others
Persistent Connection

If you want the Responder to work continuously, you should set "Persistent Connection" at Tool->Options->Connection Tab. It will wait for incoming SMS and reply automatically until the "Stop" button is pressed.

Delete Received Message from Phone:
To avoid responding to incoming SMS saved at the phone again and again when you re-start SMSCaster, you should enable "Delete received message from Phone" at Tool->Options->Receive Tab.

You can also import and export contacts through this software. If any further information or help is needed regarding this software then feel free to email me or just leave a comment here. I will response you as soon as possible. Enjoy...


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