Focus Your MITE Vision: September 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Targeted Quality Traffic system with Guaranteed Visitors within an hour-

Having website/ blog? But looking for traffic from a long period and found nothing yet. There are lots of traffic systems providing opportunities to get huge traffic on your website. But all of them are asking for money. But everyone from us is trying to search that system which can provide the targeted, quality traffic for its website. But it takes a long time to reach that system. Even many of us are leaving and turning toward the other business to earn money. Because everyone knows that if you have no traffic then you have no sales. But if you have made a website or blog which can be seen by you then no one will be able know about your website. If you will not aware to the world that you have a website please come and see it then nobody will come on your website/ blog.
Many of people among us are trying to bring their site on the top ranking of Google to get traffic. We all well aware that 60% to 80% traffic is on the first page of these giant search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. If your one is on the first page of these giant search engines then you are a lucky one and you should not worry about how to get quality and targeted traffic for your website/ blog.
Here the purpose of this post is to let you know how to get quality, targeted & even guaranteed traffic for your website/ blog. A few months ago our blog was also among those one which was not getting any visitor and customers. But today we have done that thing for which we were not aware from years. See the picture below and try to understand what it is.

It is actually a graph of our account which is showing that as we are getting more points, we are getting more traffic. This system has changed the old phenomenon “More Traffic = More sales”. The pattern is same but a little change. This system says that “More Points = More Traffic = More Visitors/ Sales = More Income”. Happy???? Not ?? Ok we will advise you to learn this system and implement it on your website or blog, then you will come to know that our above given phenomenon is right. We have invented the new way of getting traffic and it really changed our internet life.

Traffic ad bar is the source for you to get quality, targeted guaranteed traffic for your website / blog. You can get unique visitors from this system and bring your website on top rankings in just few days. This is a very simple system. You have to do nothing but just do some simple steps and stop doing harworks to get quality traffic. The other good news is that this system is approved by the Google. Now Happy??? J. You can also see the Google ads on this site, which shows that Google have approve it and you can also get as many as traffic to your website/ blog without any hassle of account blocking from Google just because of using this system.
Just do the followings and start getting visitors to your website/ blog within an hour. They will deliver up to 1,022 visitors to your websites every 3 days for FREE.
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Step 1.
Just click here and go to joining page by clicking Not got a login ?under Login box. Make an account. A page below will open before you. See picture below.

Step 2.
After completing your profile, just add your websites. You can add upto five of your websites to get traffic on them. After confirming and adding your websites they will be approved within 24 hours.You will also be given 10,000 points into your account initially as bonus.

Step 3.
See on the right side of yours under the Earn Points heading “view sites now”. Click on it. It will take you to the window in which you will see a timer of 10 seconds will start to count on top of the page and right ahead of this timer you will also see about 2 to 3 links of other websites. Before completion of this timer till zero you dono;t have to click on any link. But after completion you have to click any link of your choice. It will open that site and again timer will count till 10 seconds. Now keep clicking and your points will start go up. As more points you make, the more traffic will start to come on your site within an hour. For proof you can see it on the right side of your screen below your position. Click on the arrow and you will be able to see your position. As shown in below picture.

We are on position # 44. As we go up we will start getting more traffic. This position changes after every 24 hours and positions are assigned again to the members according to their points. So try to get moire points to start receiving more traffic. You can also check your other details and to go back to your member section see the options on the left side below on the screen below.

Hope this system will give a new life to your website/ blog. For more queries you can also email us at
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