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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Free SMS Marketing Software

In this new era, the inventions, discoveries and latest updates in technology have changed the lives of people day by day. Especially in internet marketing there is a long list of tools available to market your business and products easily to the user. The latest technology has made it easy for the vendor to approach the end user for the sale of his product and on the other hand the client has lot of options available for the purchase of his required product. In fact, these inventions have provided lot of competition to both and competition made it easy to select and collect the specified product.
SMS Marketing Software is also one of the greatest tools to market a specified product easily and conveniently to the customers and consumers. A vendor can aware to thousands people about his product at a time. It’s very simple and easiest software to handle and anyone can use it. No professional skill and knowledge is required. No need to be a webmaster. Currently, two versions are available of this software Standard and Enterprises. In standard registered version you can attach only 1 mobile phone and in enterprises upto 4 mobile phones.

You can download standard version of this software from here .   If you want enterprise version then download it from here. You can use it as demo version and send as many sms you want to send from it. In demo version with every SMS a title of SMS Caster will also included automatically. If you don’t want it then make a registration of this software and after registration this restriction will also be unlocked. If you want to make registration after understanding all the aspects of this software please feel free to contact me via email or the best is to leave a comment with your email and contact details after this post and I will guide you how you can easily register it in very cheapest rate. If you want to learn about How to Use SMS Marketing Software, then a complete guideline with pictures is available here. If you have made payment through virtapay and downloaded the demo version then let me know about the Software Version (Standard or Enterprise) what ever you downloaded and also your Virtapay Username and Unique Transaction ID through email with the subject heading "SMS Software Registration". I will send you the details about how to unlock the software. You can also send these details by posting comment and by this way you will get quick response. If you have purchased the software and not yet received the unlocking code then post the above mentioned details in comments section and get quick response.
Note: This manual procedure is adopted to avoid from fraudulent activities.

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  1. Dear Valuable Clients of SMS Marketing Software,

    Kindly leave comment to fully activate your SMS Marketing Software after purching it through Virtapay.
    After purchasing through virtapay kindly let us know after providing Unique transaction code with your virta pay user name from your virtapay account. So that we can provide you the key to make your software life time free.

    Hope you understand. You can also email us with the subject "SMS MARKETING SOFTWARE KEY REQUIRED"
    After Confirming your Transaction Code from our account we will immediately email you or let you know through comments about your life time Software key.

    Mitevision Team

  2. i bought with virtapay. its really good and i want a key for life. thanks for this great product

    unique transaction code: 1308354052-DC0D24137EBC8C81E70A72CA438F28CC7974D836

    virtapay: ddartey

  3. schmuli I purchase the program threw virta pay ,HOW DO I DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT AND CAN YOU SEND ME MY KEY FOR LIFE

  4. I pay threw Virta Pay ,please send me the key for life Transaction I.D. zahidamir7861-001-1305667858

  5. I purchase the program threw virta pay ,HOW DO I DOWNLOAD THE PRODUCT AND CAN YOU SEND ME MY KEY FOR LIFE

    Virtapay ID : fadjar
    Unique Transaction ID: 1308591665-E26110747B0EBD7A908A0A7F55B318D03C2705A8

    Please send me link to download this product
    and key for life to my email :

  6. SMS Software Registration

    I have made payment through VirtaPay, this is the data :
    Software Version : Enterprise
    Unique Transaction ID: 1308697935-F40DD37C3D1CC57A2BEF2CC6413717B45A89FC97
    My VirtaPay Username : luthfisurya
    My Email :

    Please send me the detail, thank you.

    Best Regards,


  7. VIRTA PAY;; USERNAME;schmuli, Unique Transaction ID: 1308397545-5EE9EB95C4460D7A9B41FBA93107D1CB3D75AD34 Email, ,Software;Enterprise, Please send, my lifetime key ,Tank You

  8. Due summer vacations first of all we are sorry for delay.

    Thanks all of you for trusting us and purchasing our product. We have answered all your problems. Kindly check it here.

    You can learn easily how to register your software for lifetime. If found any problem then let us know by posting comments.

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